Frequently Asked Questions

United Way of Central Georgia is governed by its Board of Trustees, a diverse group of volunteers from across Central Georgia. They determine policy and oversee every aspect of the organization. Volunteers determine how contributions should be distributed to the local partner agencies.  Professional staff provide support to volunteers, plan and organize the annual fundraising campaign and manage day-to-day activities.

United Way Worldwide is the national voluntary membership organization (trade organization) for over 1,400 independent local United Way organizations across the country and the globe. United Way of Central Georgia is an independent, autonomous organization governed by its own Board of Trustees, and headed by its own president. United Way Worldwide does not manage, control, direct, set policies for or govern United Way of Central Georgia.

United Way takes the guesswork out of giving and makes sure your dollars will be directed to local agency programs and community initiatives that attack the root causes of community problems, such as nurturing children and youth, increasing people's economic self-sufficiency, encouraging citizens to get involved and making families stronger. 

The United Way fundraising campaign does not cover any agency's entire budget. United Way funds are used for programs and services. Therefore, portions of an agency's budget need to be funded by other means, such as government contracts, fees and supplemental fundraising activities.

To qualify for consideration as a United Way program partner, an agency must be recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; led by a volunteer Board of Directors and provide human services to residents with United Way of Central Georgia's regional operating territory. Greatest consideration for membership is given to agencies whose programs align with United Way of Central Georgia's targeted program priorities such as Early Childhood Development, Youth Development, and programs for Families and Seniors. Any agency that meets United Way of Central Georgia's basic requirements for membership consideration believes it is providing services that align with United Way's priorities and does not duplicate an existing program partner should contact Tammie Collins at (478) 621-7795 to discuss partnership possibilities.

Your gift is tax deductible if you itemize your deduction. However, a receipt is not necessary unless you pay $250 or more at a time.  

Eighty-six cents of every dollar go directly to programs and services. Only 14 cents are used for administrative and fund-raising costs. The Better Business Bureau recommends charities limit these costs to 35 cents on the dollar, which makes United way very low compared to the national requirements.

Volunteers become knowledgeable of program partners through agency service plans, site visits, and presentations to recommend funding levels. Annually, over 60 volunteers are recruited and assigned to review panels that are organized around major service categories. After having reviewed service plans, budgets and listened to presentations given by the program partner, these panels recommend funding levels to United Way's Executive Committee and to the Board of Trustees, who make final decisions on the allocations.

No! Giving is a personal decision. United Way has a strong policy against coercion. Whether a person gives to United Way and how much the person chooses to give is up to the individual. United Way of Central Georgia does not support the use of threats or coercion of any kind.

Some partner programs do not offer a specific service that is requested and may refer the person to another agency. Sometimes it’s necessary to put people on a waiting list simply because there aren’t enough funding resources to go around.