Issue: Access to affordable prescription medications can be a significant challenge for many community members, impacting their health and financial stability. The high cost of prescription drugs can create barriers to necessary treatments, leading to potential health risks and financial strain.


UWCG's Role: United Way of Central Georgia recognizes the importance of ensuring greater health and financial stability for community members. To address the issue of access to affordable prescription medications, UWCG has partnered with SingleCare, a program that provides a Prescription Savings Card. Through this partnership, community members gain access to discounted prices for the top 40 most-purchased prescription medications, making essential medications more affordable and accessible.


Impact: The SingleCare Prescription Savings Card offers a range of benefits to community members seeking affordable prescription medications:

  1. Affordable Pricing: The card allows access to the top 40 most-purchased prescription medications at $10 or less, making necessary treatments more cost-effective.

  2. Bonus Savings: SingleCare's free loyalty program offers even more savings on already discounted prices. Members receive an extra $5 in bonus savings just for signing up.

  3. Free and Easy to Use: The SingleCare Prescription Savings Card is free for everyone and can be used as often as needed, with no registration or eligibility requirements.

  4. Wide Coverage: The card covers FDA-approved prescription medications and is accepted at major chain pharmacies nationwide, providing convenience and accessibility for community members.

  5. Significant Savings: By utilizing the Prescription Savings Card, community members can save up to 80% on their prescription medications, reducing financial burdens associated with healthcare costs.

United Way of Central Georgia's partnership with SingleCare empowers community members to take control of their healthcare expenses and access the medications they need at affordable prices. By making essential prescriptions more accessible, UWCG is contributing to the overall health and financial stability of individuals and families in the region.


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Use this drug discount calculator to find out the cost of your prescriptions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use SingleCare to save on your medications even if you have Medicare. However, how much you pay for prescription drugs varies depending on your Medicare prescription drug plan, and if you have Medicare Part D. In some cases, your cost with SingleCare could be lower than your copay with Medicare.

Unlike insurance, there is no copay. You simply pay a discounted cash price for your prescription medications. This is often cheaper than using your insurance and paying a copay. In some cases, SingleCare users can get up to 80% off prescription prices.

No. SingleCare is a prescription discount plan, not a health insurance plan. You can use your SingleCare card instead of health insurance—not with your insurance. We partner directly with major pharmacies to offer a free prescription discount program that reduces the retail price of your prescription drugs. Since it’s separate from health insurance, SingleCare savings cards can be used by everyone, including people with and without insurance.

Yes, you can download the SingleCare iOS or Android app. It gives you free access to the SingleCare discount program at U.S. pharmacies. The app is the fastest and easiest way to access your free, digital prescription discount card, so no matter where you are, you and your family can save on your prescriptions.

Unlike many manufacturer coupons and patient assistance programs, SingleCare's discount drug card is free for all customers to use regardless of income or insurance status. SingleCare coupons are applicable to most prescription drugs, meaning you can find discounts on medications for each family member. Your family could get savings of 80% off prescription prices. To start saving, simply ask your pharmacist what the retail price of your prescription is. Then, apply a SingleCare coupon to get a free discount. Repeat this process every time you pick up a refill.