Community Schools United


In 2021, we launched our Community Schools United, a neighborhood-based strategy that has shown phenomenal success. The program's strategy rethinks public schools to provide children in low-income communities with a high quality education. It centers public schools as hubs for communities and combines a rigorous, relevant educational program with extended learning opportunities, family and community engagement, and an infusion of social services. A child’s zip code should not determine their success in school or life.

There are roughly 5,000 community schools in the United States today, and a social return on investment study indicated every $1 invested in community schools delivers an additional $12-$15 in social value.

Burdell Hunt Unveiling
LH Williams Unveiling


Our Community Schools United program, a partnership between United Way of Central GA and two Bibb County elementary schools; LH Williams and Burdell-Hunt, serves students by focusing on whole-child well-being. Community Schools United has a strong focus on student academic success, family advocacy, parental engagement and support for school leadership and teachers, as well as emotional well-being in school communities. 


Pleasant Hill - Safe By Design

safety audit

Volunteers are need to assist with a CPTED safety audit in the Pleasant Hill community. Volunteers will walk select streets of the neighborhood assessing the vulnerability of properties for crime. Later, residents will be provided a report suggesting ways to lower their risk of being targets of crime and increase the safety of their homes and property. 

Volunteers will meet at LH Williams Elementary. For more information, contact Dr. Sundra Woodford at 478-972-1429. 


For more information about Community Schools United please contact: 


Sundra Woodford, MS, EdD

Community Schools United Director/Community Engagement Project Manager