What We Do

What we Do

We aim to disrupt the cycle of poverty by investing in education and youth success, economic mobility, health, and basic needs.

Data Driven Investing: Data guides the work of United Way to assess gaps in services and understand the unique needs of our region as a whole and within each zip code.  

Connecting: United Way networks with hundreds of nonprofits, county and local governments, businesses and community leaders, assuring they're connecting, coordinating, and aligning. 

Engagement & Fundraising: We engage businesses, individual donors and volunteers, community leaders, foundations and government to drive investments of time, talent and funds in child well-being.  


Child Well-Being Movement


United Way launched the Child Well-Being Movement in order to engage and bring together people and resources across sectors, and to invest in strategies that drive lasting improvements in the well-being of children, families, and the communities that surround them. 

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Our Programs and Initiatives