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UWCG launches "Give more than a like" campaign

Everybody does it: a quick scroll through social media newsfeeds. You see a post you like, so you “Like” it. Sometimes you may even comment or share it. It helps spread the message, but United Way needs people to “Do more than click like.” The country, state, and Central Georgia community are still in unprecedented times. Unemployment rates still hover around 7% around the area [double the start of the year]. Area homeless shelters are running at full capacity. Many people are struggling with basic needs including access to food and healthcare. Much of this existed before the pandemic, but now, it’s only gotten exponentially worse, thereby making the need tremendously greater.
So, what does “Do more than click like” mean?
“Do more than click like” means something different for each person. It means to give your time, your energy, your resources: volunteer and give. 
United Way recently sent a survey to over 300 nonprofits across Central Georgia about the need for volunteers. Responding organizations reported an average shortage of approximately 10 volunteers. For nonprofits who depend on volunteers to provide services, the lack of volunteers means discontinuation of tutoring and mentoring to at-risk youth, cancellation of food delivery to children in need, slower service times, and more.  The United Way volunteer portal catalogues many volunteer opportunities for those who are ready to “Do more than click like.”
Over the next several weeks, United Way will be focusing heavily on the need for volunteers in the community. Through the volunteer portal, social media, and volunteer contacts, United Way is working to help fill this massive need for volunteers in Central Georgia.
To get more information about volunteer opportunities available now, visit the portal here:
United Way of Central Georgia raised a record campaign total during the 2019-2020 campaign: $5,208,497. Thanks to thousands of people, workplaces, and organizations who gave during the campaign cycle, those funds allow United Way to support 43 local programs, 29 program partners, and multiple United Way initiatives. To meet the increased needs all of these programs, organizations, and the increased needs of the community, every dollar matters more than ever. Many pages on the United Way website include an ‘Impact Calculator’ that allow a supporter to see how far a dollar can go. Supporters who wish to “Do more than click like” with a monetary gift can visit: