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United Way to suspend Golden Eagle Awards amid growing COVID-19 concerns

With the ever-growing concerns over COVID-19 (coronavirus-2019), United Way of Central Georgia has made the difficult decision to suspend the Golden Eagle Awards program. Our day-to-day lives are continuing to change due to government-mandated restrictions to ensure the health and safety of ourselves and the remainder of the community.  Key dates to facilitate this program were chosen (In-person Judging-March 21st and Ceremony-May 4th), but due to those restrictions, we are unable to stick to those dates.    
One hundred and seventy-eight students were nominated by their teachers, coordinators, and administrators for this prestigious program and United Way wants to thank all of those students and teaching staff, who worked diligently to prepare materials to submit within the earlier time frame this year provided in the Golden Eagle Awards program. All of the nominees’ materials have been submitted to judges in each category for review as we decide the best way to continue the program once government recommended group meeting limitations are lifted.
“Last month, when United Way took over the Golden Eagles from The Telegraph, we knew this year’s event was going to be a challenge. But we thought that would just be as a result of the short timeline and it being our first time doing it,” said George McCanless, President and CEO of United Way of Central Georgia.  “Thank you again for your support and engagement, and please continue keeping you and your loved ones safe.”
United Way sent a letter to nominees, judges, and coordinators letting them know of the decision to suspend the Golden Eagle Awards.