United Way launches NEW free drug card with up to 80% prescription savings for Central Georgians

Today, United Way of Central Georgia announces the merging of its longtime prescription drug card, FamilyWize, with SingleCare, one of the nation’s largest prescription drug discount plans. Since 2005, United Way partner, FamilyWize, has worked directly with pharmacies to negotiate the best prices for prescription drugs.  The card has always been free to the public with no registration or eligibility requirements and was accepted at major pharmacies nationwide. Through the FamilyWize card, Central Georgians have saved an average of 45% on prescriptions. Now after many years as a sister-card to SingleCare, FamilyWize has merged with SingleCare offering a larger network of pharmacies, larger customer base, and deeper prescription drug discounts. The new United Way SingleCare card will still be free with no eligibility requirements, but will now offer up to 80% discounts on prescription drugs. Also, 40 of the most commonly used prescription drugs will now be available to Americans for $10 or less.

The United Way SingleCare prescription drug discount card is available immediately to individuals with or without insurance. To receive benefits from the card, individuals will hand the card (or card number) to the pharmacist with or without his or her insurance card. The pharmacist will then ensure the customer receives the best discount available. To get access to the SingleCare card, visit www.unitedwaycg.org/singlecare .