United to End Homelessness facilitates planning process for Greater Houston Coalition to End Homelessness

On Monday, December 12th, United to End Homelessness coordinated a planning session with leaders of the greater Houston County area. 

United Way of Central Georgia's United to End Homelessness initiative, launched in October and brought together homelessness support services providers, community members, government agencies, and others to develop a strategic plan to reduce the experience of homelessness to rare, brief, and non-reoccurring. The initiative, based in Macon-Bibb, has expanded its efforts in the region. 

Mayor LaRhonda Patrick, of the city of Warner Robins, convened the leadership of the cities of Warner Robins, Perry, Centerville, as well as Houston County and engaged the leadership of Rev. Dr. Jake Hall of United to End Homelessness. Mayor Patrick set the tone for the partnership saying “We represent many organizations and multiple municipalities, yet in this moment, and on this day, we are of one mind, and one heart, and one mission: to reduce homelessness in our area and take responsibility for housing solutions within our influence.

Empowered by Greater Warner Robins region, the Greater Houston Coalition to End Homelessness began its work by convening stakeholders and service providers currently addressing homelessness in Greater Houston County along with community leaders and public servants. 

“The only way we are going to end homelessness is by working together, by sharing information, knowledge, expertise, and resources,” says Reverend Dr. Jake Hall, Executive Director of United to End Homelessness. 

United to End Homelessness will effect regional change through its efforts based in Macon-Bibb County.  In 2023, United to End Homelessness plans to conduct a county-wide count, participate in the emerging Council on Housing and Homelessness, and host a Landlord Summit in partnership with the Macon Housing Authority. “To ensure that we understand the work in front of us and operate in larger ecosystems, we need a regional approach that combines resources and efforts, and puts people at the forefront," explained Hall.


About United to End Homelessness

United to End Homelessness, a United Way of Central Georgia initiative empowered by Macon-Bibb County, is an extensive, holistic, community-based collaboration between Macon's municipal, healthcare, education, economic, faith-based, and nonprofit leaders. 

United to End Homelessness is committed to ending homelessness in the greater Macon-Bibb County region to functional zero, where episodes of homelessness are rare, brief, and non-recurring. It will work in tandem with the Coalition to End Homelessness, the Greater Houston Coalition, Macon-Bibb County Economic and Community Development Department, and other partners. The initiative plans to use the housing first model to create long-term supportive housing and efficient rapid rehousing to do the "most good" for those in need.