From Help to Hope: Meet Pastor Holmes

In 2015, Horace Holmes, Jr. joined United Way of Central Georgia. We spoke with him about his role in providing hope to people seeking assistance from United Way.   

What does a typical day at United Way look like for you? 

I wear many hats at UWCG. My responsibilities include Community Engagement Specialist for the Education and Youth Success initiatives, Mobile 2-1-1, OneMacon's poverty initiative, and clergy collaborative. On a typical day I am planning for upcoming information fairs. Depending on the audience, I need to determine what resources I'll share. The majority of my work is following up with people who reach out to United Way for a variety of services, such as rent assistance and job placement. My morning routine begins with asking God to help me be positive, encouraging, sensitive, and a good listener in order to provide hope for people seeking help. 

What is your favorite part about working at United Way? 

I enjoy providing information, resources, opportunities, and hope to individuals. Also, I enjoy incorporating my passion for photography into my work at United Way. The work we do is so important, it should be documented and shared so that other people can seek help from us to improve their lives. 

Tell us more about your photography background. 

As a 16-year-old, I attended a camp for inner-city kids at the University of Massachusetts called UpperBound. A camera was handed to me and I was told to spend the day taking photos. I had never held a camera before, but set off to take pictures. As I developed the film later that day, I remember seeing the photo I took of a fire hydrant appear in the chemical bath for the first time. My interest in photography was sparked at that moment. Eventually, I became a professional photographer with my own studio in Macon. Storytelling and photography go hand-in-hand for me.  

Can you tell us something about United Way of Central Georgia most people don't know? 

Most people do not know that there is hope and resources available to them to pull them out of whatever struggle they are facing. It would be great if more people used and spread the word about 2-1-1. A 2-1-1 operator listens to a caller's concerns before connecting them with the right resources and programs to help them succeed. 

United Way of Central Georgia is celebrating 100 years of impact in Central Georgia. How do you envision UWCG's next 100 years? 

I would like to see UWCG known as the Community Resource Guide throughout the 14 counties in Central Georgia. When people need help or know someone who needs help, I want UWCG to be the first place they think of. UWCG provides hope and assistance to countless individuals who are looking for a better life, so it would be great to see the community rally around us to support UWCG.