Hello House Opens at Brookdale Resource Center

Hello House at Brookdale officially opens Monday, January 30th. A short-term shelter, Hello House is an expansion of services at Brookdale Resource Center. The former Brookdale Elementary School gymnasium has been converted into a short-term 50 bed shelter to accommodate the growing number of those experiencing homelessness in Macon-Bibb County.

"Due to the recent cold snap and an increase in unsheltered people in our community, Hello House at Brookdale offers people without shelter a low-barrier entrance. We will provide basic necessities for overnight shelter, as well as resources and guidance to help them improve their current circumstances. Through Hello House, we will be able to expand our intake schedule and help more people in need," said Brookdale Resource Center's executive director Alison Bender. 

Hello House is open from 4pm to 8am seven days a week, with intakes available between 4pm and 6pm. Breakfast and dinner are served daily. 

"The additional capacity provided by a low-barrier shelter at Brookdale relieves pressure on a stressed shelter system in Central Georgia. Adding this shelter is a significant step in our efforts to increase housing-oriented shelter capacity in Central Georgia," said Rev. Dr. Jake Hall, executive director of United Way of Central Georgia United to End Homelessness. 

Hello House allows individuals to stay up to 30 days. Those interested in Brookdale’s 90-day program will be offered access to the program based on the Center’s availability and if the individual meets criteria, with families being given priority. As part of its 90-day program, Brookdale aims to equip residents with the skills needed to become financially independent and obtain stable housing. Caseworkers at Brookdale tailor each resident's program to meet their specific needs. Residents receive help enrolling in school, obtaining vital documents such as birth certificates, and applying for government benefits. 

The majority of Brookdale's residents are experiencing homelessness for the first time. Brookdale's mission is to connect those who are housing vulnerable with the support necessary to become self-sufficient and find a permanent home. 


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