Disrupting Poverty: Voices

MEET ade oguntoye and cindy hill

He a program fellow at the Annie E. Casey Foundation in Atlanta. She's director of the Pine Pointe Hospice in Macon. Together they give a message of our connection to those in poverty and why our help is multifaceted. They attended this month's "Out of Poverty Into Prosperity Summit" at Mercer University and joined the powerful and diverse group of thinkers who seek to tackle poverty head-on.

A Perry Woman Gets a New Car

"Are you sure?"

That was the reaction of Carrie Karchella, a Perry resident and lifelong Georgian, when she got the call that she won the Jeff Smith-Automotive new car in our raffle held on January 5th. Carrie bought two tickets out of the 4,000 sold. And that money goes to worthy causes through this organization. Say hi to her in this minute-long video.

By the way, click the button to discover the monthly prizes that will be given out over the course of 2018 to ticketholders.

Who Decides on Spending Donations?

Many people wonder how decision are made when it comes to giving out your United Way of Central Georgia donations. Some may think that responsibility resides with one or two people in the organization.

But, as the video below shows, the organization actually recruits volunteers from around the area to visit nonprofit agencies, gather information and deliberate on the amount of money they should received from United Way.

These allocations should match with the stated goals for the United Way of Central Georgia.