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Issue: Many parents may lack access to evidence-based parent education programs that provide the necessary support and resources to give their children a strong start in life and set them up for success in school. Without proper knowledge and guidance, parents may face challenges in understanding early childhood development and implementing effective practices to foster their children's growth and potential.


UWCG's Role: United Way of Central Georgia recognizes the significance of empowering parents with the essential tools for effective nurturing and support. Through the Parents as Teachers program, UWCG plays a vital role in addressing this issue. By offering personal visits and group meetings based on an evidence-based model, UWCG equips parents with the knowledge and resources needed to cultivate their children's talents, well-being, and future success.


Impact: The Parents as Teachers program has a profound impact on parents, children, and the community as a whole. By increasing parent knowledge of early childhood development, improving parenting practices, and providing early detection of developmental delays and health issues, parents can better understand and nurture their children's unique abilities. Moreover, the program's focus on preventing child abuse and neglect contributes to creating a safer and nurturing environment for children to thrive. As a result, children's school readiness and overall success are significantly improved, setting the foundation for brighter futures and stronger communities.





Fatherhood Initiative

Building a Father-Friendly Network of Support in Central Georgia.

Children's lives are greatly influenced by their fathers. Our Fatherhood Initiative offers support and resources to fathers to help them understand their role and become more accessible, attentive, accepting, and affectionate. Questions? For more information call Raymond at 478-388-0299.


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Daniel Charles

Veterans Navigator & Parents as Teachers Supervisor