First Steps

First Steps

Issue: First Steps recognizes the challenges faced by parents expecting a child and caregivers caring for children under five years old. The lack of easily accessible information and resources can be overwhelming, hindering parents from providing the best care and support for their young ones.


UWCG's Role: United Way of Central Georgia plays a crucial role in addressing this issue through the First Steps initiative. As a dedicated partner, UWCG steps in to bridge the gap by offering valuable information and directing parents to the most suitable community resources. By providing comprehensive support, UWCG aims to empower parents and caregivers, ensuring they have the necessary tools to keep their children healthy, safe, and prepared for the future.


Impact: Through First Steps Georgia, countless parents and caregivers have gained access to essential services, transforming the lives of families across Central Georgia. The initiative covers various vital areas, including maternal health, newborn/child health, home and child safety, community and family safety, and school readiness. By addressing these aspects, UWCG enables parents and caregivers to achieve economic self-sufficiency and provide the best care for their little ones. Together, we are building a stronger, healthier, and more prepared community for generations to come.




First Steps also opens the door to a home visiting service - Parents as Teachers. Through this door-to-door visit, counselors can meet parents where they live and give them advice, resources, and tips on parenting their child.
Parents as Teachers has as primary goals:
  • ​​​​​Increasing parent knowledge of early childhood development
  • Improving parent practices
  • Providing early detection of developmental delays and health issues
  • Preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Improving children’s school readiness and success

For more information about First Steps or to Refer a Family please contact: 


Lauralen Avery

Early Learning Resource Manager