First Steps

First Steps

First Steps Georgia supports any parent expecting a child and any caregiver for a child less than five-years-old (including adoptive parents, legal guardians, foster parents and grandparents). This initiative gives parents information on how best to keep their child healthy and safe and refers them to the best community resources that parents could want. 

These include services such as:
  • Maternal Health
  • Newborn/Child Health
  • Home and Child Safety
  • Community and Family Safety
  • School Readiness Economic Self-sufficiency

First Steps also opens the door to a home visiting service - Parents as Teachers. Through this door-to-door visit, counselors can meet parents where they live and give them advice, resources, and tips on parenting their child.
Parents as Teachers has as primary goals:
  • ​​​​​Increasing parent knowledge of early childhood development
  • Improving parent practices
  • Providing early detection of developmental delays and health issues
  • Preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Improving children’s school readiness and success

For more information about First Steps or to Refer a Family please contact: 

Daniel Charles

Lauralen Avery

First Steps Community Coordinator