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Volunteer Opportunity Available With Read2Succeed Program

August 31, 2016 - Read2Succeed is a tutor-based program, dedicated to helping kindergarten through third grade students improve their reading skills. This program is open to volunteers ages 18 and older. From September to April, the volunteer will tutor one hour a week. This will not only benefit the student, but positively affect the volunteer’s life and the entire community.

Be a positive influence in your community today. Volunteer with Read2Succeed!

Carmen Hughey is a second-year volunteer, tutoring kids through the Read2Succeed program. Throughout her first year, she helped three 3rd graders improve their literacy skills, which helped them succeed in school. Carmen saw not only a positive change academically, but an encouraging camaraderie between the students:

“With each lesson, I saw a difference in them,” Carmen said. “They were willing to try words that they didn’t know. I enjoyed watching them help each other. If the students knew another child was struggling with a word, they would try to help him by sounding out the word or acting out the word. It was really encouraging to watch them work together.”

Teacher & Volunteer Collaboration

Read2Succeed is not a program that aims to supersede the work done at the elementary schools. Instead, Read2Succeed partners with the schools to compliment the work being done by the teachers. This extra attention and ability to dive deeper into reading with the students increases their academic performance.

A typical tutoring session focuses on the lessons that the students are learning at school. For the 2015-2016 school year, Carmen tutored and mentored three 3rd graders at Bruce Elementary:

“We worked on concepts that the teacher was working on with them in the classroom,” Carmen said. “So, our tutoring sessions would differ from time to time. But, we would always read out loud. Sometimes, we would have an activity that we would do together.”

After certain sessions, Carmen and the teacher would talk about the progress being made. Every week after the tutoring session, Carmen wrote in a progress log about any difficulties the students were having or the many ways they were improving.

Carmen was one of many volunteers that took one hour out of their week to positively affect the younger generation. If you are over the age of 18 and want to be a part of changing your community, contact us today.

“Our volunteers ranged in age,” Carmen said. “We had many from the colleges and universities in our area. We also had working people who took time out of their day to tutor children. We had retirees and grandparents. We really had a gamut of ages.”