Read2Succeed - Campaign for Grade Level Reading

The process of learning, and specifically learning to read, begins long before children reach the school house door. We need to make sure children are born healthy, that parents and child care providers have the latest information on child development, that every child has access to good childcare and preschool programs and that we align what we’re teaching in preschool with the early grades curriculum.

The GLR Campaign is a collaborative effort of funders, nonprofit partners, states and communities across the nation to put children on the path for success.  In 2013, United Way, along with its Collective Impact Partners began work to move the needle on third grade reading proficiency that addresses developmental and academic targets that children need to reach to be successful.

Third grade marks the point where the curriculum shifts from learning to read to reading to learn. Children who don't reach that critical milestone often struggle in the later grades and are more likely to drop out of high school. Our action plan focuses on three critical issues that keep young children from learning to read well:

  1. School readiness – Too many young children show up for school not ready to learn
  2. School attendance - Too many young children in grades K-3 miss too many days of school
  3. Summer learning - Too many young children in the early grades lose ground over the summer month

By reaching these children early on, we can close achievement gaps, reduce dropout rates and break the cycle of poverty to build a stronger community.  Schools can’t do it alone: It’s the work of the entire community to support children in learning from birth on. It’s harder for schools to help children succeed if youngsters arrive at school unprepared, if they miss too many days of class or if they lose some of their hard-fought gains over the summer months.

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United Way Success By 6 enables communities to provide their children with the best opportunity to succeed by the time they begin school.

Years of research prove that attention to children's physical, mental and emotional development in early childhood is vital to their success. Working with public and private decision-makers, UWSB6 focuses on the needs of the whole child by addressing environmental and systemic issues that can influence development.

Over the past 15 years, this community-based, partnership approach has helped hundreds of thousands of children getting them ready for school, and ready for life. Ultimately, this directly contributes to the nation's educational success, economic strength and a qualified workforce.