Tutors help struggling students in kindergarten through third grade achieve grade-level literacy skills by the third grade. This early mastery is a key indicator of later success in high school and beyond. 


Supports veterans striving to return to civilian life after serving our country. A navigator will guide a veteran through the maze of resources: From financial to legal to education and employment. 



Passionate women impacting our community through leadership and service. They participate in projects to improve health, education, and economic outcomes for our neighbors. 



An online platform that makes it easy for nonprofits to find volunteers and for volunteers to find opportunities. It's a free tool for all of Central Georgia to make a volunteering connection. 



Connects families with resources such as food pantries, job search and placement agencies, and financial emergency assistance agencies. This helps families recover and become sustainable.



This free tax preparation service is provided to people with incomes of $54,000 or less to ensure that everyone in our community receives tax credits for which they are eligible.