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GEICO Fundraising Breaks $1 million for 5th Straight Year

Did You Know?


GEICO’s Regional Office in Macon raised $1.13 million during its 2017-18 United Way of Central Georgia (UWCG) fundraising campaign. For the fifth time in a row, the company has shattered the $1 million mark and for the 13th straight year it will lead the region in corporate UWCG giving.

“It’s going to go a long way for the community. We’re very, very proud,” said GEICO Regional Vice President and member of the United Way of Central Georgia’s Board of Directors, Don Robinson. “We couldn’t have done this without our incredible associates.”

GEICO employs more than 5,800 people, known as associates.

Spencer Strickland, the chairman of this year’s UWCG’s campaign, praised the company for its passion and commitment to the cause.

“When you see an amount like this, it’s not because somebody tells you to do something,” said Strickland, holding up the giant check symbolizing the million dollar-plus contribution. “It’s because you embrace it.”

Strickland is the regional president for State Bank and Trust.

United Way of Central Georgia President and CEO George McCanless pointed out during the ceremony that the money helps children, parents and seniors by supporting agencies and programs in Central Georgia.

“This is an incredible story in this community,” McCanless said. “There are 1,200 United Ways around the country. The majority of them do not have a company that does a million-dollar campaign.”

In recognition of the million-dollar award, McCanless unveiled a plaque called the “United Way Million Dollar Circle,” which will recognize companies that move their campaigns beyond the seven-figure mark. GEICO had five markers on the plaque representing the five million-dollar fundraising years by the company.

McCanless also thanked the GEICO campaign coordinators for their work in this year’s fundraising effort. He took a moment to point out one coordinator, Shannon Gordon, who has done the job for four years.

“It’s hard work,” Gordon said. “But it’s rewarding just to see the impact that it makes on the community.”

Friday’s announcement was held at GEICO’s “Big Easy” Conference Room.