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Filling Teeth ... and a Need

Did You Know?


That the Rehoboth Life Care Ministries is the only dental clinic of its kind in Central Georgia?

"By providing low-cost dental care to the poor and uninsured, the Care for Life Clinic is an important part of the solution to an existing problem in Middle Georgia," writes the Rehoboth staff.

The clinic hopes to serve more than 900 people in the coming year and says it has a waiting list in the hundreds. Its measure of success: Relieving people of pain and then removing teeth that are decayed and causing problems.

The World Health Organization has linked poor oral care to the increased chance of oral cancers. The indigent are most at risk because of their lack of access to oral health care and oral health education. The elderly are particularly vulnerable and experience a disproportionate percentage of untreated oral health problems.

Here is another agency that serves low-income people and we wanted to make sure you knew about the good works of those who serve. Check out others that deal with the health and well-being of those in need.