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Creating After-School Help In Baldwin/Jones Counties

Did You Know?


That after-school programs for students in Baldwin and Jones counties are powered by the Boys & Girls Club of Baldwin and Jones Counties.

The agency reports that two-thirds of the parents who have their children enrolled in the after-school program are in the lower-income bracket. About 80 percent are kids from single parent homes.

The goals are many, but two worth noting are:

  • Promoting the value of education.
  • Avoiding negative peer pressure and risky behaviors.

The Boys and Girls Club provides educational programs after school and during the summer, such as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM effort.

A full one-third of the organization's budget is paid for through the donations that people make to the United Way of Central Georgia. We have other valuable agencies that are UWCG partners. Have a look at some of them on our news page. And if you care to donate, click right here.