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A Clinic Filling a Healthcare Need

Did You Know

Why there is a Macon Volunteer Clinic? Prevention for Macon-Bibb residents is one of the reasons. The clinic evaluates patients for colorectal and breast cancer. During 2017-18, the clinic gave screenings to 315 people.

The agency also gives group patient education sessions every month. Experts in healthcare talks about the most frequent diagnoses and health issues, such as hypertension, healthy eating and diabetes.

But perhaps the most important factor in having the Macon Volunteer Clinic: Twenty-two percent of Macon-Bibb adults remain uninsured compared to 14 percent nationally. That's according to county health rankings.

As clinic staff put it: "As a result, many patients use the ER or urgent care centers as their primary source of medical care which drives up medical costs for the entire community."

Meanwhile, Macon-Bibb County ranks near the bottom of Georgia’s 159 counties in health outcomes, and Census data indicate it is one of the top 10 unhealthiest metro areas in the country.

So the clinic gives In 2017, access to medical, dental and eye care for an average cost of less than $94 per patient. All services are provided free of charge to clinic patients.

About 17 percent of the clinic's budget comes from dollars donated by you through the United Way of Central Georgia. If you'd like to contribute now to programs like this one, click the button.