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Merrie’s Closet is an extension of The Merrie Christmas Project and United Way of Central Georgia’s partnership with Nancy and Mike Kaplan and family. The new year-round program is a clothing source for our Central Georgia students who do not arrive at school wearing the proper dress code or may have soiled their clothing during the school day. Teachers and administrators now have access to new clothing items in several sizes and approved as appropriate school attire for the students. The items include new khakis, sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, and underwear. 



Two people in masks standing next to a "Merrie Closet" signFrom Mike Kaplan, father of Merrie Kaplan: “When my wife Nancy and I unexpectedly lost our daughter Merrie, we partnered with United Way of Central Georgia to create The Merrie Christmas Project and have now expanded to create Merrie’s Closet. Merrie’s Closet provides new clothes to youth in our schools when an emergency situation arises, thus limiting disruption being out of the classroom and keeps the student’s focus on learning. The Truist Foundation and Robins Financial Credit Union as well as donations from individuals and foundations have already played an integral part in helping us provide these vital items.” 

Merrie’s Closet is in all Bibb County public schools with a goal to expand into more counties.


If you want to learn more on the Kaplan family partnership with United Way click here to read information about The Merrie Christmas Project. 

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man behind podium


For more information about Merrie's Closet please contact:


Jaime Kaplan

Director of Philanthropy
478-745-4732 x115