More than 36,000 children in Central Georgia live in poverty. United Way launched the Child Well-Being Movement in order to engage and bring together people and resources across sectors, and to invest in strategies that drive lasting improvements in the well-being of children, families, and the communities that surround them. 

The mission of the Child Well-Being Movement is to ensure that all families and individuals can live a healthy lifestyle, obtain the skills and education needed to succeed, and have a safe place to live.

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When Children Thrive, Communities Thrive

Communities that can say, “all the children are well” have babies born healthy, kids who read proficiently by third grade and teens who graduate from high school ready for college and careers. These are kids that grow up in communities where people are educated, employed and housed.

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About the Child Well-Being Movement

United Way, along with dozens of partners, developed a set of 14 measures that can be used as a tool to help the region assess how children, the families that support them and the communities that surround them, are doing. This data is bringing people together from across the community to advance a shared goal and drive transformative results for children and families.

  • Low Birth Weight Rate

  • % of Students Exceeding 3rd Grade Reading Standards

  • % of Students Exceeding 8th Grade Math Standards

  • High school Graduation Rate

  • College and Career Readiness Score

  • Rate of Children with Health Insurance

  • % of Children Living in Poverty

  • Rate of Individuals enrolled in Post-Secondary Education

  • % of Adults with a High School Diploma

  • % of Adults with access to Health Insurance

  • Rate of Unemployment

  • % of Financially Stable Families

  • Rate of Families with Housing Cost Buren

  • Rate of Births by Individuals without a High School Diploma

Explore the Central Georgia Child Well-Being Map


The Child Well-Being Map demonstrates how the different areas score across the region in the areas of child, family and community well-being scores.

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