The 2017-18 Campaign

"Be The One" Explained

The 2017 campaign has begun and we're aiming for a big number to help those in need in Central Georgia: $5 million.

But the most important number is far smaller. In fact, the smallest. 

"Our goal is to fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in Central Georgia," said United Way of Central Georgia President and CEO George McCanless. "To do that takes the most meaningful, most powerful number of all. One."

Want to learn more about what it means to "be the one?" View our video below. 

"Be The One" to Volunteer

The 2017 Volunteer of the Year, Jeff Battcher, explains why he gives his time to good causes.

"Be the One" to Help Across Generations

"Thank you so much for helping my kids and helping others to achieve their goals." - Kevin Goolsby


Father and son are helped by Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia - a program supported by United Way of Central Georgia and you.

"Be the One" With a Little Understanding

"We felt kind of alone and like no one really cared to help because no one understood. When I did meet up with United Way they understood what I was going through." - Keiandra Nelson.


Keiandra Nelson and Sandy Hilton of Sandys Sandbox Childcare & Learning Center talk about how United Way of Central Georgia works with agencies to simply provide some insight and solutions to a problem.

"Be The One" to Give a Great Start

"This is, like, everything I never knew I needed," - Keyona McCarthy​, talking about the assistance provided by the Parents as Teachers program and the Great Start Central GA Parents as Teachers​.

We continue to share stories of connection.