United Ways of Georgia and Great Promise Partnership Join Forces

United Ways of Georgia and Great Promise Partnership join to Address High School Graduation and Workforce Needs

The executive directors of the United Ways of Georgia have voted to form an official partnership with Great Promise Partnership, Inc. (GPP)

GPP is a cooperative education program designed to help students at risk of not graduating complete their high school education while gaining real-world job experience.  Modeled upon the successful 12 for Life™   program developed by the Southwire Company and Carroll County Schools, GPP provides young Georgians over the age of 16 the opportunity to extend their learning outside the classroom by gaining real-life experience at a local business. GPP focuses on promising students who typically do not qualify for traditional programs due to lack of credit hours or other challenges to success in school.

“We at GPP understand the importance of a win-win scenario for the student, the employer and the community, and partnerships are key our success.  We’re excited about our partnership with the United Ways of Georgia.  The expertise that United Way brings in addressing youth and community needs across Georgia will hugely increase our effectiveness to help these over-coming youth and their communities,” said GPP President and CEO Mike Beatty.

“The United Ways of Georgia’s ultimate goal is to help all children achieve their potential.  To do that it is critical they achieve academic success and graduate on time.  The GPP model is proving to be an effective program in increasing graduation rates while also teaching the skills needed to ultimately enter the workforce.  We feel our partnership with GPP will help expand this program more rapidly to more areas of the state, thus positioning more children for a better life,” said United Ways of Georgia President LaVerne Gold.

To learn more about the Great Promise Partnership: www.gppartnership.org

To learn more about the United Ways of Georgia:

To see a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation article about GPP, visit: http://education.uschamber.com/promising-practice/georgia%E2%80%99s-great-promise-partnership-invests-youth-power-peach-state-success