Annual Campaign


I am proud to be involved with the United Way of Central Georgia. United Way is Changing the Story in our community by focusing on education, financial stability, health and basic needs.  We want to create pathways out of poverty so our community will be stronger and a more attractive place for new businesses to relocate and create jobs.

The annual United Way campaign provides funding to 50 programs through 31 local health and human service partner agencies. These programs focus on the building blocks of a good life in the areas of education, income and health. Just to name a few: providing meals to seniors, mentoring and character building for our youth, providing hospice care to the terminally ill and their families, providing medical and dental services to the uninsured and providing basic needs like food, shelter and clothing as well as disaster services. 

Here is one example of how we change lives:

One of the 31 agencies that The United Way of Central Georgia supports is The Advocacy Resource Center ( ARC) which promotes the welfare of citizens with mental challenges by providing advocacy, housing, employment and other services. ARC helps people like Stacy. Stacy was a young woman who had the desire to live on her own and have a normal life. ARC helped her move into her own apartment and begin living a life full of friends, community service and athletics. Stacy won the Area 7 Athlete of the Year award, and lived a life filled with activities and accomplishments. Unfortunately, last year, Stacy was diagnosed with a terminal illness that made her health quickly deteriorate. While Stacy was under intensive medical treatment, she insisted on coming to ARC’s Special Olympics Banquet, where she was recognized. Weeks later, Stacy passed away. She was able to accomplish her goals and dreams of living independently, having a job, socializing with friends, and participating with her community. She would not have been able to do all these things without ARC and the help of United Way of Central Georgia

Each individual served experiences an improvement in their life. And, the added value of United Way is that the entire community is strengthened and improved by the tens of thousands of lives being changed in profoundly positive ways.

United Way donors can feel confident that their gifts are truly helping those who need our help most in our local communities. United Way’s local Board of Trustees is focused on ensuring that our donors’ funds are efficiently and effectively used to bring about positive change at the community level. Because of you, the United Way of Central Georgia and its partner agencies, all of us enjoy a better place to raise our families and conduct our businesses.

So, I urge you to once again join with us by making a generous corporate contribution, and by conducting a model employee campaign.


Eddie Norris
2015 Campaign Chair
United Way of Central Georgia